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Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche (France)

The Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche (LOV, France) is a joint unit of the Université Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) and the French National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS). It hosts around one hundred researchers, technicians and students. The laboratory is known internationally in the fields of biogeochemistry, marine optics, and zooplancton and microbe ecosystems. It organises a large number of international conferences and participates in many European and international research projects.

LOV is in charge of the engineering development, test and operation of the mesocosm as well as leading the Mediterranean experiments.

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Frédéric Gazeau

(CNRS Research Scientist)

Erin Cox


Samir Alliouane

(Assistant Engineer) 

 Arnaud Le Fur


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 Jean-Pierre Gattuso

(CNRS Senior Research Scientist)

 Katarzyna Walczynska

(Master student)

 Fabien Moullec

(Master student)

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Luuk van der Heijde

(Masters Student) 

Paul Mahacek

(Research Engineer)

Stefano Schenone

(Masters student)

Lidia Urbini

(Masters Student)

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Jeremy Delille

(Masters student)

roscoffStation Biologique de Roscoff (France)

The Station Biologique de Roscoff (SBR) located on the Brittany coast of the English Channel is a research and training centre in marine biology and oceanography, jointly operated by the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC). The eFOCE program involves 2 research groups of the SBR: (i) the Benthic Ecology group working on the function and structure of benthic ecosystems and their response to environmental changes and (ii) the Marine Chemistry group working on the global Carbon cycle, the air-sea exchange of trace gases (VHOCs, CFCs) and the monitoring of coastal ecosystems under anthropogenic pressure.

sophie martin yann bozec

Sophie Martin

(CNRS Research Scientist)

Yann Bozec

(CNRS Research Scientist)

pml    Plymouth Marine Laboratory (UK) 

The Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) is an independent, impartial provider of scientific research in the marine environment, with a focus of understanding biodiversity and ecosystem function from the uppermost reaches of estuaries to the open ocean. PML research is critical to providing solutions on the key challenges facing society in relation to global change and sustainability of marine ecosystems.
Within eFOCE, PML will assess the impacts of elevated CO2 on sediment faunal and microbial abundance, activity and diversity during each experiment, with a particular focus on impacts to nitrogen cycling. Previous studies at PML involving macrofaunal bioturbating species have indicated significant changes to nutrient fluxes across the sediment-water interface can occur at reduced seawater pH. But, the influence of pH on the interactions between bioturbators, microbial communities and nutrient fluxes are complex and can depend on sediment type, the length of exposure period and the type of macrofauna present. By studying these intricate interactions in situ, eFOCE will increase our understanding of the impacts of increased CO2 on benthic biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

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Steve Widdicombe

(Head of Science “Marine Life Support Systems”)

Karen Tait

(Senior Scientist)

imedea   Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (Spain) 

CSIC is the largest research organization in Spain, with over 4,000 scientists in 130 institutes. IMEDEA-CSIC is a research institute located in Esporles, Mallorca, Spain devoted to interdisciplinary research on the effects that Global Change has on coastal ecosystems and how to achieve an integrated and sustainable management of coastal areas. In eFOCE we will document the effects of ocean acidification on Posidonia oceanica and its associated epiphytic community by performing measurements in enclosed seagrass meadow mesocosms. We will monitor pH on a micro-scale, evaluate the isotopic composition of plants, photosynthetic performance, and growth of plants and epiphytes.



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 Carlos Duarte

(Research Professor)

mbari   Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (USA)

The mission of the Monterey Bay Research Aquarium Institute (MBARI) is to achieve and maintain a position as a world center for advanced research and education in ocean science and technology, and to do so through the development of better instruments, systems, and methods for scientific research in the deep waters of the ocean. MBARI emphasizes the peer relationship between engineers and scientists as a basic principle of its operation. All of the activities of MBARI must be characterized by excellence, innovation, and vision. MBARI's role in the eFOCE project will focus on collaborations with LOV on the engineering development of the mesocosms.

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Senior Research and Development Engineer) Peter Brewer (Senior Scientist)

comonplanet  COM ON PLANET (France)

COM ON PLANET  SARL, a limited liability company founded in May 2009, is a dynamic young company with an innovative approach. Jean-Yves Collet, who manages it, has extensive experience in television broadcasting for the general public in science/nature/environment documentaries for over 20 years. The company has already produced a film on the utilisation of phytoplankton in common daily cooking, financed by the Fondation pour le Progrès de l’Homme (Paris), a 52' documentary on the public perception of the impacts of climate change on European marine waters for the European Commission (CLAMER project), in parallel with diverse coproductions to international TV documentaries.

comonplanet p

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (documentary film producer and director, manager of COM ON PLANET)

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